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Get your Feather Flag custom printed FAST in 3-4 days production time option. Want a guaranteed delivery Date? Please choose UPS 1-2 days expedited shipping option on the Checkout Page.

Feather Flags

How to design custom feather flags online?

Want to promote your business with your company logo on a feather flag? You don't have to pay for a designer now!  You can now use our free online design studio to customize your own feather flag design in just a few minutes. And you can have your flag custom made in a few days!  You'll see a preview of your flag design with mockups and in color. If you like what you see, you can purchase and customize your flag right away.  Or if you want us to prepare the design for you, skip the online design studio and simply submit your logo and words required. So our professional design team can help you prepare the design for you free.

Custom Feather Flags

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  • Custom Feather Flags
  • Custom Feather Flags
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Feather Flags FAQ

1. What is the difference between a stock feather flag and a custom feather flag?

The look and feel of a custom feather flag can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you are trying to build your brand's identity, this is one way to do it. When selecting colors and fonts, be sure that they represent your business and that you will be proud to display them publicly. Some businesses may want to use a stock design for their custom feather flags because it saves them time and money. However, using a stock design can limit the creativity of your custom feather flag.

2. How much do feather flags cost?

Single Sided Feather Flag Price / with POLE +$59.82 *Bundle Sale (not to be sold separately):

Feather Flag Size Feather Flag Cost*
XS size - for H6ft Pole $9.99
S size - for H8ft Pole $19.98
M size - for H10ft Pole $39.98
L size - for H13ft Pole $69.98
XL size - for H15ft Pole $109.98
XXL size - for H17ft Pole $159.98

Double Sided Feather Flag Cost: +$59.99 to upgrade

3. What are the benefits and advantages of using custom feather flags as advertising banner?

They can be customized according to the customer's needs. For instance, they can be made bigger or smaller, with the color combinations that suit the brand, etc.  Custom feather flags can be used for marketing campaigns outside retail establishments and events. They are very effective for branding purposes because they act as a visual billboard.

Custom feather flags offer high-impact advertising at an affordable cost which is not possible through traditional methods like TV ads or print advertisements.  Custom feather flags do not require any installation which means that they can be transported without any problem and set up within minutes at any event or location in order to create awareness among people about the brand or product that is being marketed.

4. How long do feather flags last?

Flag care is important and should be done for the sake of its longevity. If stored properly after use, our feather flags can last for a long time as 2-3 years in general.  However, the actual lifespan of your feather flag depends on the type of fabric you have selected from our options, the weather conditions, the use and maintenance, and so on.  When a banner is exposed to sun or harsh weather conditions without any care for a long time, there will be more serious aging occurs.  In worst case, the lifespan of an outdoor feathr banner can range from as little as 9-12 months.

While most banner shop only offers cheaper but thinner fabric of 90-110gsm only, here we offer better quality fabric option (at a little extra cost) with 130gsm thickness which enhance the durability, wind resistance etc. The environmental conditions like sunlight, rainfall, snow and wind conditions also play a vital role in determining how long your feather flag will last.


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USA Feather Banners

About #1 economy - Cheap Feather Flags

FAST1banner offers the largest collections of number one economy Cheap Feather Flags wholesale discounts, on our online manufacturer outlet shop. We have the widest choice of great stock design feather banners that you could find for many different businesses, churches, restaurants, trade shows, and events. Even if you could not find any banner flag designs for your need in our stock, you could simply design your own Custom Feather Flags online just in a few minutes.

Our outdoor advertising feather flags will keep your business caught by everyone walking or driving passing by. Our Feather Flags for SALE now from just $9+, are the most effective and cost-effective way to advertise your retail business or event.

What are Feather Flags?

The feather flag banner is an advertising sign display, that is mainly used for outdoor events. However, it is also widely used for indoor trade shows as a signage solution for show visitors to find your booth from the crowd.

These Cheap Feather Flags have a tall, eye-catching banner stand up on a banner pole. It is very likely that you have seen this in many storefronts and restaurants, which has been used to catch the attention of walk pass or drive pass traffic. These swooper flags are very popular used to promote or to advertise various seasonal sales.

This type of portable outdoor advertising flags setup is very easy and fast. Because of the cheap pricing, feather banners provide an impressive return on advertising investment.

Single Sided vs Double Sided Feather Flags

A lot of people believe that a single sided feather flag is cheaper and has a less tacky appearance, but what they don't realize is the difference the other side makes. Double sided feather flags provide two messages to advertise which means visitors will be seeing it from both sides! Visitors will see the same message from both sides, and it provides more opportunities to grab their attention. If you want to grab someone's attention from afar, then double sided flags may be the way to go.

Double sided feather flags are a great way to attract more attention to your business. With these flags, you can have two different messages printed on each side of the flag. This makes these flags perfect for creating a strong and memorable presence in your community.  Double Sided Feather Flags are more cost effective as they double up the advertising exposure of your sales message across both sides.