Step and Repeat Banners

Full Color Custom Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner, with heavy duty anti-scratch dye sublimation Digital printing. Ultra lightweight highly portable Step and Repeat Banner Stand, with fast Connectors for easy pop up. Excellent alternative to classic Trade Show Pop Up Display system, because of its super lightweight and compact carrying size.

Why do they call it a "Step and Repeat"?

The definition of Step and Repeat Banner is a custom printing of Stepping up and Repeating logo or brand images, which is setup for Red Carpet event as a personalized logo wall or Backdrop. These are large advertising custom banners for displaying Sponsors, Sports Team or Branding logo, as a backdrop wall for celebrities photo taking. This is a popular form of Public Relations activities for increasing the publicity of brands. Step and Repeat Backdrop are also often used up for personal events, like wedding parties. Step and Repeat

How much is a "Step and Repeat Backdrop"?

The price of Step and Repeat Backdrop mainly depends on the Size. The most popular Backdrops are 8x8 ft, 10x8 ft. The market average of these are starting from $99+ Once you have decided on the size of the wall you want, the final factor determine the cost of it would be the Banner Materials. VINYL BANNER - is the cheap and popular material that offered by most smaller print shops. However, the glare created from the flash would have a serious problem if it is intended for the purpose of a photo taking backdrop logo wall. After packed for shipping and further transportation for different events, Vinyl Step & Repeat Banners would crease and wrinkle. This would further increase the glare problem. TENSION FABRIC DISPLAYS - are the best modern Step and Repeat Backdrop solution. This comes with absolute 100% anti-glare feature, this could ensure a professional photo taking for your celebrities.